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Current & Local Issues

Streetscape & Cultural Hub (2015)

The following content was presented on behalf of South Oakville Residents’ Associations:

Download:  OLRA DCH Response - Oct15.pdf
Download:  Residents Association Survey Delegation - Oct2015.pdf

Community News

The following content was provided by the Halton Newcomers Society:

Proposed Multi-Use Trail from Allen to Morrison

A presentation of the preliminary design for a multi use trail, on the south side of Lakeshore Road between Allan Street and Morrison Road, was made by town staff on March 23rd.

The town has extended the deadline for additional comments to April 29th and are encouraging residents to submit comments on the design. These can be emailed to Chris Clapham at chris.clapham@oakville.ca, or there is an accessible online feedback form online. Your ORLA Board would urge you to examine this proposal and let the town know what you think. The following material was provided at the March 23rd presentation.

Downtown Streetscape - Public Consultation (end Sept 23, 2016)

At our May OLRA AGM and in subsequent email and newsletter communications, the OLRA communicated information to our members regarding the Downtown Streetscape plan and Town direction in selecting furniture including benches and lighting. An overview of the overall study and plans can be found here.

At our September 19th OLRA Board meeting, a concerned group of members attended, seeking OLRA Board input and support for the Traditional style of furniture. This group of OLRA members was instrumental in influencing the Town to re-open the community input and voting process. The OLRA board listened to their input and would like to share our appreciation for their efforts and recognize the work and energy that has been put into their campaign.

The Board meeting continued with a comprehensive discussion of the issue and the material presented. After due consideration, the following motion was passed unanimously.

"OLRA is pleased that the awareness and communication on this important issue has increased as a result of our May AGM meeting and subsequent communications. Our position as a Board is:

  • We strongly urge our members to vote as individuals. The voting ends 23rd September.
  • This is a critical issue in which the OLRA will remain engaged and will update our members.
  • The Board members do not support the Contemporary option for street furniture.
  • We appreciate and acknowledge the representation by a group of residents who have rallied around the traditional design and we will share that communication".

In support of this motion, we would like to share the following information provided by this group of concerned members:

Download: Message from Concerned Members - Sept2016.pdf